How to Use an SRT Caption File

SRT (SubRip Text) is the most commonly-used caption file format. It is a plain text file that only contains the captions for a video, which means in order to play a video with captions, the video and the SRT file need to be loaded together.
Filename extension is .srt.

Playing a video with subtitles using VLC Media Player

This tutorial uses VLC Media Player. It’s a free, open-source video player that works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you’re having trouble setting up captions on your video player, we recommend trying VLC.

2. Select File > Open File in the menu bar

screenshot VLC Open File

3. Check Subtitles > Subtitle Track to make sure the subtitles are enabled

If your SRT file has exactly the same filename as your video file and is in the same folder, it should load automatically.

screenshot VLC Check subtitle

4. If your subtitles do not load automatically, go to Subtitles > Add Subtitle File

Locate and select your SRT file.

screenshot VLC open subtitle
screenshot VLS step 4 selection