About the Service

Our department was created to fill a very specific need

University students and staff required reliable, accurate, and user-friendly captioning services

They were having a hard time finding this support elsewhere.

UT Captioning and Transcription Service was established

Since then we've been providing UT Austin affordable access to quality captioning and transcription services.

We pride ourselves on these aspects of our service

Providing personalized assistance on projects, from start to finish

Working with your deadlines and on projects of all sizes

Creating highly accurate content, with context and domain specific terminology

Employing trained and experienced graduate and undergraduate students, many of whom have years of captioning experience

And of course, our ability to adapt to your specific project needs

Confidentiality Agreement

The Captioning Service staff works with a wide range of documents, some of which will be private, personal or confidential in nature. 

We hold our staff to high confidentiality standards, established by the University system. 

If you have questions about confidentiality please contact us:

University Accessibility policy

All Web applications and sites at The University of Texas at Austin must meet the statutory requirements in Texas Administrative Code 206.70 Accessibility Standards (TAC 206.70), which references the U.S. Section 508 standards.

These statutes require all Web applications and sites to comply with the TAC 206.70 standards.

TAC 206.70 establishes only a minimum standard for accessibility; developers are encouraged to go beyond this minimum whenever possible.

University of Texas at Austin Captioning and Transcription Services

Upload your files to request manually created captions, transcriptions, translations, or create your own automated captions/transcripts using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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